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Chasm hits $150,000 Kickstarter goal with five days to go


2D action-RPG Chasm traversed the void between it and Kickstarter funding this morning, reaching its $150,000 goal with five days to spare. With the game funded and set to arrive in May 2014, developer Discord Games turns its attention towards stretch goals, with an extended digital double album at $160K and achievements at $175K looking realistic.

Discord says Chasm takes its inspirations from Metroid, Castlevania, Zelda, and Diablo, while our JC Fletcher said the demo played "like a mashup of Symphony of the Night and Wanderers from Ys." At the moment Chasm is only confirmed for Windows, Mac, and Linux, but on a recent MANvsGAME stream Discord's James Petruzzi said his studio's speaking to companies, including Sony, about potential other platforms. However, Discord isn't likely to reveal anything before the Kickstarter campaign ends.

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