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Microsoft: Apple reluctant to build a "Metro" iTunes for Windows 8


While Microsoft has invited Apple to produce a Windows 8 iTunes app, Cupertino's response has essentially been "don't hold your breath."

Speaking to CNNMoney, Microsoft's chief financial officer Tami Reller said, "The welcome mat has been laid out [for Apple]. It's not for a lack of trying." Note that Windows 8 customers can use iTunes, but only on the desktop. That's a less-than-optimal experience, and poor Surface RT users are without iTunes altogether, as the device wont' run non-Microsoft desktop software.

As CNNMoney points out, Apple's position is understandable. With the best-selling tablet in the market, why would it rush to make Microsoft's offering more competitive?

Still, Reller believes that the Windows app store will feature all of the most popular apps from Apple's App Store by the holiday season. "That's not just our goal, but it'll be realistic to achieve that. We're almost there."

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