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Tweetwall rebuilt, new iPad app available


Tweetwall is a company that provides Twitter displays for events, allowing companies to show guests the live Twitter chatter about their events. Their clients have included CNN, Yahoo, Intel, PayPal, Microsoft, eBay, the Obama campaign and the Webby Awards. Now Tweetwall has launched a rebuilt version of its service, including a redesign and a new iPad app offering AirPlay support.

The iPad app is currently free to download and works with AirPlay or the digital AV adapter to display your feed on a screen. Tweetwall is offering two variations on pricing for their service, a US$49-a-day self-service model where your wall is built from templates and a full service option that has a $1,000 setup, plus $249 per event day.

Loading times and stability have been improved, and the service allows filtering to keep your event wall from being spammed with profanity or other keywords.

Correction: This article original incorrectly stated the price of the full service option as being $500 a day. The $500 quoted was a test price the company ran to see if pricing drastically impacted the volume of Tweetwalls we were doing per week. According to a company representative in the comments it worked and was the inspiration for the launch of the self service platform. (5/20/13)

[via TechCrunch]

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