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Google intros Play for Education, a curated portal for apps and books


Google's making it easy for educators and their students to discover and recommend applications and books with Play for Education. Announced onstage at this year's I/O by Chris Yerga, Google's Android Engineering Director, the new Play storefront organizes content by education type, age and various other criteria to make the content discovery process simple for higher learning institutions. What's more, all of the content that appears within this curated portal bears educators' stamps of approval, so users know that what they're accessing is tried-and-tested for quality.

Play for Education also makes use of Google+ groups, so schools and universities can quickly push apps, books and other content out to their students and even bill to one central account. A pilot program for the service has already been underway with six New Jersey schools. Despite Google making the service official today, the actual sign-up window for general access won't be until sometime later this fall. However, developers can start submitting their applications right now.

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