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'Horizon' is an E3 alternative from Venus Patrol and MOCAtv


Venus Patrol, the website "in search of beautiful things from the world of video games," is hosting a special event called Horizon as an alternative to E3's usual bluster this year. The event will be held in partnership with the LA Museum of Contemporary Art's video channel, MOCAtv. Horizon will have "a lineup of beautiful games" on display, though that lineup is currently top secret.

Venus Patrol is promising projects from studios of all sizes, adding that Horizon will "showcase new looks at and details about some games you may have already heard of, as well as brand new games from some of your favorite developers, and very possibly some super secret new surprises that will be entirely unexpected." We're going to guess that none of those surprises involve Call of Duty DLC exclusivity agreements.

Horizon is slated to go down on Thursday, June 13, the last day of E3. Assuming the event goes well, Venus Patrol hopes the event will become an E3 tradition.

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