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Wii U Direct tomorrow covers summer, autumn details around E3


Nintendo of America tell us it's got a Direct for tomorrow that's focused on summer Wii U and 3DS games. The company's Euro division also has a Wii U-focused Direct scheduled for the same time. Just to be different, its Direct is on spring and summer Wii U games. We've no confirmation of one for Japan yet, but chances are tomorrow's another worldwide triforce of Directs.

Nintendo of Europe also announced there'll be a Direct broadcast around the time of next month's E3 conference, and that one will cover Wii U games for "autumn and beyond." Nintendo recently revealed it'll have two closed events at E3 in lieu of the traditional presentation. The company noted "Nintendo Direct videos in the run up to E3," so there may be more pre-E3 broadcasts beyond the autumn one.

As ever, you'll be able to tune in to tomorrow's streams here on Joystiq, so we recommend you move precisely no muscles for the next day or so. Well, the streams will be in a new post, so you'll have to move some muscles. Apart from that, we'll see you right here(-ish) at 10AM ET (7AM PT, 3PM UK) tomorrow.

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