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Trion hit with another round of layoffs [Updated]

Jef Reahard

IGN is reporting "massive" layoffs at Trion. Though the website doesn't cite any sources, it suggests that "well over half the company has been let go," and it also says that those affected may include as much as 80% of the company. An undisclosed IGN source says that "employees are being escorted out of the building and that senior leaders from various Trion teams may not receive severance due to 'undelivered services.'" [These claims have since been rebutted by a Trion Worlds representative, who told Massively directly that while there were indeed layoffs, the 80% number originally suggested by IGN was "grossly exaggerated." She further clarified that no one was escorted out of the building or denied severance as IGN's unnamed source alleged. Additionally, developers emphasized during today's official stream that the RIFT team is not affected by the layoffs.]

Trion recently announced a free-to-play offering for its RIFT MMORPG. It also launched Defiance earlier this year and partnered with Korea's XLGAMES to bring the company's ArcheAge sandbox MMO to western audiences.

Trion also provided the following official statement.
To best position Trion in a rapidly changing industry, we have reorganized our teams and are expanding our free to play offering. With Defiance, we delivered a great game that more than one million gamers registered to play and continue to enjoy. As we progress from launch to ongoing development of the game, we are adjusting our staffing levels to deliver new content and improved features. RIFT, and our other titles in development, were unaffected by these changes. We are very much looking forward to the free to play release of RIFT and are excited by the other new titles currently in development.
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