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Xbox Live powered by server boost, cloud computing for Xbox One


At its Xbox One reveal event today, Microsoft announced that it plans on having over 300,000 servers powering the console's expanded Xbox Live service.

The server bump represents a significant increase over the 15,000 servers that power Xbox Live currently. Player content will be saved via cloud storage, equipping players with a "dedicated game DVR" to capture live gameplay moments for future playback.

The Xbox One's overhauled Achievements system is "dynamic and changing," and boasts "more ways to earn, more frequent updates and the ability to share wins with friends." Video capture will play a role in the way players earn and display Achievements with the Xbox One. Hardcore Achievement hunters won't need to worry about their Gamerscores, either, as all Gamerscore points earned in Xbox 360 titles will carry over to the Xbox One.

Microsoft also revealed that the Xbox One's multiplayer matchmaking allows for "bigger matches with more players" and "living and persistent worlds." In addition, Xbox Live's asynchronous capabilities will allow players search for multiplayer matches while browsing the web, watching movies, or listening to music on the Xbox One.

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