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The Warriors rages onto PSN next week as PS2 Classic


The Warriors, Rockstar's 2005 game based on the 1979 cult movie, is coming to PSN next week. As per typical PS Store updates, it arrives in North America on May 28 for $9.99, and then in Europe the day after for £7.99/€9.99.

Rockstar Toronto reportedly worked on a spiritual successor to The Warriors, an Xbox 360 game called We Are The Mods. According to CVG, it was similar in style to The Warriors' urban brawling, but set in mid-1960s England, during the Mods and Rockers era.

Since that never came to fruition, the closest you're going to get to a current-gen Warriors game, outside of CTXM's The Warriors: Street Brawl, is next week's re-release. Like all PS2 Classics on PSN, it's only playable on PS3.

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