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Wake Alarm wants you to get out of bed ... now!


Being the sucker that I am for well-designed user interfaces, I was immediately intrigued by the new Wake Alarm app (US$1.99 launch price) from Tiny Hearts. For just a couple of bucks, you're going to get an alarm app that is easy to set, lets you snooze with a quick slap of your iPhone and turns off only if you actually have the energy to turn the iPhone over.

Launching Wake Alarm displays the current time in a light blue ring on a blue and purple gradient. To set the alarm time, spin the ring with a finger to set the minutes or tap on the hour and spin the ring to quickly jump through the hours.

When you're ready to go to sleep, a quick swipe to the right puts Wake Alarm into night mode, which displays the time in a very dim and unobtrusive way. Note that you'll need to leave your iPhone turned on, plugged in and face-up while you sleep.

At the preset time, Wake Alarm greets you with a cheery orange sun, the words "Good Morning" and your choice of a dozen alarm sounds ranging from the soothing (ocean sounds and seabirds) to the annoying (a drill instructor waking up boot camp participants). To snooze for a preset amount of time, just reach out and slap the top of the iPhone screen, and you're back in dreamland for a while. When you decide that it's actually time to get up, just flip your iPhone over and the alarm is turned off.

That "slap and flip" method is one of three wakeup methods -- you can also set your iPhone to respond to a shake, perfect for those slugabeds who are going to need a bit more coaxing to get out of bed, or a swipe.

Of all of the many alarm apps that are on the market, Wake Alarm is without a doubt the most intuitive and beautiful I've had the pleasure of waking me up. It's a keeper! Check out the developer's video below ... but don't spoil your Memorial Day weekend by waking up early, OK?

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