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Farensius adds weather to your Mac menu bar


For only US$0.99, the OS X Farensius app is just adorable. It adds a current weather indicator to your menu bar, and offers an optional 5-day forecast in its drop-down.

It's exactly what I've been missing on my desktop. I have it set to update every five minutes, and with a tiny glance up and to the right, I can keep track of the current temperature.

Farensius is one of two related apps. Its big brother, Farensius Desktop ($1.99) adds the forecast to your desktop wallpaper. For me, my bland white desktop background is a necessity -- so I'm sticking with the basic app for now. Those looking for a whimsical weather-themed backdrop, however, will enjoy this.

Farensius adds weather to your menu bar

Not everything was, unfortunately -- and if you forgive the pun, sunny. Farensius Desktop struggled with my multi-monitor set-up, insisting on placing its background only on my secondary monitor. What's more, when I tried adding custom backdrops, the app crashed several times.

I had no issues with the menu-bar-only version, which is even now running on my desktop.

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