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Soul Sacrifice serves up free DLC in update 1.10 today


Soul Sacrifice saved up a bunch of free DLC for update 1.10, live on Vita today. Update 1.10 adds eight new quests, a new Black Rite, two new bosses, and a new map called Caverns of Goliath, which takes place inside the body of a soldier-turned-giant. His digestive fluids constantly drain players' HP, and it only gets more gruesome from there.

The two new bosses are Dullahan and Behemoth. Dullahan is a masochistic former knight who, according to his character art, lost his head along with his mind. Behemoth is a giant chicken that makes Battleblock Theater and – oh, not that Behemoth. Sorry. Soul Sacrifice's Behemoth is an obese boy with a particular penchant for apples, which is fitting for the branches of fruit growing out of his bulbous back.

The update also adds Berserker as a new Black Rite, support for posting to Facebook and Twitter, and the Discovery Pact AR mini-game. Check out the full details on the European PlayStation Blog.

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