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Double Fine Kickstarts PC strategy game Massive Chalice


Double Fine has launched a Kickstarter project for Massive Chalice, a feudal fantasy-themed tactical strategy game for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Headed up by Iron Brigade creator Brad Muir, Massive Chalice boasts a multi-generational single-player campaign in which heroes grow old and die as the story progresses. Taking inspiration from roguelikes, Massive Chalice procedurally generates unique characters and alliances during each playthrough, and permadeath ensures that player choices have weight and impact.

Double Fine's Tim Schafer assures that work continues on the developer's previous Kickstarter success story, Broken Age, but notes that a separate internal team can begin work on Massive Chalice once it's successfully funded. Massive Chalice's funding goal is set at $725,000.

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