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Samsung GT-P5210 reaches the FCC, hints at a 10-inch Galaxy Tab 3


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We know that Samsung's tablet line is growing quickly when the Galaxy Note 8.0 is shipping, the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 exists and an 8-inch Tab 3 may come soon. The company must want to drive the point home, however: it just passed another slate, the GT-P5210, through the FCC's approval process. The filing carries few details, but it's enough to confirm a 10-inch screen, a WiFi-only variant and a model name in line with the Galaxy Tab 3 family (the 7-inch unit is the P3210). There aren't any telltale signs of a rumored Atom processor, though. We're mostly wondering when the P5210 will launch in earnest. Logic suggests that Samsung's June 20th event is a good candidate, but the tech giant doesn't always wait for big occasions to release big devices.

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