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Halo 4 multiplayer gains more powerful guns, quicker Spartans


Wonder where that extra oomph in your Carbine came from today? 343 Industries has issued sweeping tweaks to all multiplayer weaponry in Halo 4.

A lot of weapons have had their damage increased - for example, the Battle Rifle is now capable of killing in four bursts instead of five. Automatic weapons (Assault Rifle, Storm Rifle and Suppressor) all have had their damage increased slightly and will kill in three fewer shots now. Finally, chain guns on the Mantis and Warthog have had their damage output increased by 35 percent.

A lot of the update seems to be geared around increasing weapon damage, but sticky aiming and range on many of these weapons have also been adjusted and player movement speed has been upped by ten percent. For the full breakdown of Halo 4's massive multiplayer update, check out 343's Halo Waypoint blog.

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