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Belkin Grip Battery Case for iPhone 5: a colorful way to stay charged up


In the world of iPhone battery cases, Mophie seems to have the majority of the mindshare and market with their line of Juice Packs. That may change in the near future, as accessory manufacturer Belkin has just announced the Grip Battery Case for iPhone 5 (US$99.99).

The Grip packs a lot of extra power -- a whopping 2,000 mAh of capacity -- into a colorful case that also protects your favorite iPhone. Colorful means four different designs -- purple lightning and fountain blue, civic blue and stone, whiteout and blacktop, and blacktop and gravel.

Rather than the two-part top/bottom case design used by Mophie, the Grip uses a slide-in battery shell with a Lightning adapter to provide the power, with a shock-resistant bumper to protect the shiny metal sides of your iPhone.

The Grip charges up with an included USB to micro-USB cable, as well as a headphone adapter to attach your earpods to the iPhone through the wall of the case.

TUAW will review the Grip case as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can order one directly from Belkin or pick one up at Best Buy.

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