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Apple, THX work to resolve patent lawsuit


This past March audio pioneers THX sued Apple in California's federal court for patent infringement. The case involves narrow-profile speaker designs that can enhance sound output. THX is claiming the infringement of their 2008 patent is only found in the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and some models of the iPad and iMac computer.

Now both sides in the dispute are attempting to settle the case out of court. Bloomberg is reporting that lawyers from Apple and THX have filed a request with San Francisco's federal court to reschedule a June 14 case-management conference until July 26. The filing explicitly states the reason for rescheduling as "the parties are currently attempting to resolve this matter outside of litigation."

We've included an example of an iMac featuring the speaker design in question above. THX was founded by George Lucas in 1983 as a division of Lucasfilm. A majority stake in the company was sold to Creative Labs in 2002.

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