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Whistle canine fitness tracker can be pre-ordered now for $100

Zach Honig

Pet care industry spending exceeds $50 billion per year in the US alone, so there's no question that folks are dropping some serious dough on man's best friend. A device to track your dog's health, then, makes an awful lot of sense, from a business perspective at the very least. Whistle, designed by a company bearing the same name, keeps tabs on your pooch for 100 bucks. The device connects to your pet's collar; from there, it quietly measures activity and rest. The information it gathers can then be shared with both you and your dog's doc, and it's also added to a database, available to researchers around the world. The device and associated service will provide feedback for improving your dog's health, tailored to his or her specific breed. You don't pay any fees beyond the $100 pre-order charge, which you can submit directly to the manufacturer at the source link below.

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