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Amazon launches indie game portal to promote the little guys


Amazon feels for indie devs. So much so, that it's set up a standalone Indie Game storefront on its site specifically to highlight these gaming gems that might otherwise get overlooked. The new portal, designed to "increase discoverability," will feature select games for Mac, PC and the browser, but Amazon's not just leaving it at that. To properly promote this new storefront launch, it's tossing in some limited time promos to entice gamers to click and explore the catalog. From today until July 23rd, Amazon customers can purchase Indie Bundles containing up to 10 games for $10, as well as receive download codes, good for three pre-selected games, with every purchase (available until July 17th). The company's also throwing its considerable weight around in the publicity department, with a weekly spotlight Q&A feature aimed at shedding some light on developers and a Gamer's Choice award; a distinction that nets a game prominent storefront promotion. Feel like rewarding innovation, creativity, your penchant for slack-jawed amusement and the little guy? Yeah, us too. So check out the source and vote with your dollars.

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