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Evernote finally remembers to add Reminders to Android app (update: Windows Phone also)

Nicole Lee, @nicole

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Two weeks after Evernote added Reminders to its Mac, iOS and web applications, the highly anticipated feature has arrived for Android as well. As with the other platforms, you can now set up an alarm just by tapping the clock icon in a note. You'll be able to configure due dates, times and whether you want to be alerted via an in-app notification or email. The Reminders are then attached to each notebook, allowing you to organize them in a to-do list if you so choose. You can permit friends or colleagues to subscribe to them too, which could be useful if you want note collaborators to keep track of project deadlines.

Aside from helping you memorize things, Evernote also added a few other improvements to the Android app. They include improved copy and paste in note view, corrected photo order in the multi-shot camera, more functional shortcuts and better Japanese language support. There's no need to remind yourself to download this update -- just head on over to the Google Play link and get it right now.

Update: We've learned that Evernote on Windows Phone has been updated to include the Reminders feature too -- we've added a link to the Windows Phone Store app below.

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