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'Tekken Revolution' is PS3 exclusive, free to play, launching this Tuesday

Jordan Mallory

Tekken Revolution was revealed earlier today by a trailer tucked away 19 minutes inside of a video segment on Gamespot. The game, which is both free-to-play and a PlayStation 3 exclusive, will be available this Tuesday, June 11. Aside from the fact that Paul, Bryan, Kazuya and Lars are all featured in the footage shown, little else is known.

Tekken ringleader Katsuhiro Harada previously dismissed an Australian Classifications Board listing for the title as being in reference to a new version of Tekken Card Tournament. That, coupled with the fact that no user interface is shown in the Revolution footage, is enough to keep us from assuming that this is a fighting game – it could just as easily be a high-def, ultra-pretty version of Namco Bandai's existing, mobile free-to-play competitive card game set in the Tekken universe.

With E3 breathing down our necks, we expect to learn more soon.

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