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PRISM got you worried? Seecrypt app promises secure calls and texts


Want to hide your data from the prying eyes of the US government and its information-gathering program PRISM? A team of South African developers may have an encrypted-communications solution for iOS that'll let you call and text in complete privacy.

As noticed by the Daily Caller, the Seecrypt group recently updated the Seecrypt app which lets you "make and receive unlimited, secure voice calls and text messages between Seecrypt Mobile-enabled devices, anywhere in the world." It works over any carrier's data network and uses end-to-end, military-grade encryption to protect all your VoIP calls and text messages. Because all the calls and texts are transmitted as an encrypted data stream, any snooping programs will only know that you sent some data and cannot detect when or how long you made a call or exchanged messages.

The service is available for US$3 per month and comes with a free three-month account trial. The Seecrypt app is available for free from the iOS App Store. It's also available for Android.

[Via The Daily Caller]

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