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TERA is making alliances in its second year

Eliot Lefebvre

You're going to need allies in TERA. The game is looking forward to its second year of operation, and it's kicking off the second year with plenty of reasons to get together with people you like (or at least tolerate). That starts with the Corsairs' Stronghold on July 2nd, which will give groups of 20 players a chance to storm a castle with cannons, airships, and tanks. It's not a battleground limited to just 20 players, however, as even lower-level people get a chance to take part in the festivities with normalized gear.

Players can also expect the new Alliances system to debut in August, meaning that the political system will be reworked entirely to give more player control. There are also quality-of-life improvements due for players of all levels, class adjustments, and several events running through June to keep everyone invested and interested. To sum up, it's going to be an exciting summer in TERA, and like we said above, you're going to need allies.

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