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Susan Kare likes iOS 7's icons


Susan Kare may not be a household name, but her work has likely graced your computer at some point in time. Though she is best known for her icon design work on the original Apple Macintosh computer, she has also designed icons for other well-known companies like PayPal, Facebook and Microsoft. As a pioneer in the field of computer iconography, it's not surprising that Kare would have her own opinion about the UI changes in iOS 7. When asked by NetworkWorld what she thought about this new look and feel, Kare was upbeat and said:

Generally a good direction -- am a fan of simple, meaningful symbols that fill a space, such as Music and Weather. It's better -- more iconic, less illustrative.

Her response is far better than some of her contemporaries, who have been critical of iOS' new look calling it "immature" as well as "ugly, poorly balanced and of an unattractive color palate." Whether you like the new look or not, it's safe to say that this is a topic that will continue to generate controversy as iOS moves through its beta stage and onto its final release.

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