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Apple let developers from The Foundry and Pixar test out the new Mac Pro weeks before WWDC


AppleInsider was able to spend some time talking to developers from The Foundry who shared how they were able to get some quality alone time with Apple's Mac Pro weeks before the public was first made aware of the upcoming beast during this year's WWDC keynote.

In recounting how they were given special sneak-peak access to Apple's newly revamped and cylindrical Mac Pro, The Foundry explains that they were placed in a "room at Apple HQ known as the 'Evil Lab'" where they were able to test out their MARI software on the Mac Pro. MARI, if you're unfamiliar, is world-class visual effects software often used in movies.

Of course, seeing as Apple has always been keen on the big reveal, the Mac Pro itself was hidden inside a locked metal cabinet during testing.

"We were essentially doing a blind tasting of the machine," said Jack Greasley, MARI product manager at The Foundry. "All we could see was the monitor, and the Mac Pro was encased in a giant metal filing cabinet on wheels. Experiencing the machine in this way was actually really cool, because I can tell you that the speed and power of this machine really stands up. MARI running on this machine out of the box is the fastest I have ever seen it run."

Hop on over to AppleInsider for the full scoop as to how folks from The Foundry and Pixar found themselves able to give Apple's upcoming Mac Pro a spin.

Lastly, and per The Foundry's website, MARI will be coming to the Mac as a beta product in the near future.

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