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Breakfast Topic: Where's your off-duty hangout?


Home is where you hang your hat -– so when you're not raiding or PvPing or whatever your thing is and you've hung said hat on a hook, where might said hook be located? Do you head to a utilitarian hub like Stormwind to breeze through your in-game business, or have you chosen a spot farther off the beaten path to while away the moments between queues or before raid time?

For many players, home base is less about an in-game hangout than it is the place where they indulge in their secondary interest. When these players aren't actively grouped, they're playing the auction house, casually leveling archaeology, or working their way through dailies or another goal. Home is where the personal activity is.

Other players kick back in a spot that's become more like a traditional home for their characters. Instead of filling every last minute with activity, they'll cool their heels in Stormwind while they chat in general or trade chat. Or they'll make their home in another city, puttering about and making small talk in guild chat while they wait for their queue to pop.

Are you an efficient exemplar of perpetual motion every moment you're in Azeroth, or is there a place your character heads to hang out? Where's your off-duty hangout?

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