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Los Angeles school gives out five iPads to elementary school students with exemplary attendance


The LA Daily News reports that the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), in an effort to encourage students to show up to class, is giving away some pretty impressive gifts to students with exemplary attendance.

Graduating senior Vanessa Umana expected to leave last Friday's commencement ceremony at Francis Polytechnic High School with a diploma, a few photos and some wonderful memories.

Imagine her surprise, then, when Principal Ari Bennett announced that Vanessa would also be getting an $18,000 Chevrolet Sonic, one of two grand prizes awarded in a year-long contest to encourage perfect attendance at Los Angeles Unified schools.

Of course, not every graduating senior received a car. Rather, students with perfect attendance were entered into a lottery for the vehicles.

The report notes that the LAUSD over the past few months has been awarding monthly prizes to students who show up to class each and every day. It would appear that the prizes are typically donated by local companies, so any concerns regarding the wasteful use of government money should be dialed back a bit.

Naturally, not every gift is as exciting as a new car, but the report does note that five elementary school students were awarded iPads "as winners in the district's Attendance Challenge."

Well I certainly went to school in the wrong school district, not to mention the wrong era.

The report is unclear as to whether or not Apple donated the iPads to the school district. I reached out to Apple for clarification but haven't heard back yet.

In the past, Apple has donated iPads for worthy causes.

In 2011, the company donated iPads to the state of Oregon as part of a pilot program to make it easier for disabled citizens to vote. Apple in 2011 also set up a program where owners of the original iPad could give their devices to Apple who then donated them to teachers in lower income school districts.

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