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The After Math: E3 2013 and WWDC 2013


Welcome to The After Math, where we attempt to summarize this week's tech news through numbers, decimal places and percentages.

It was a week where Engadget somehow managed dueling liveblogs. Apple revealed its new mobile operating system, while Microsoft revealed more of its plans for the Xbox One, kicking off a week of gaming news from E3 2013 in LA. Sony soon followed, showing off its console for real, and pricing it a hundred dollars less than Microsoft's next-gen console. Sure, the war isn't over yet, but Sony can arguably claim victory at this year's Los Angeles battle. So let's talk numbers, right after the break.

  • Number of Worldwide Developer Conferences held by Apple so far: 24
  • Battery life of Apple's new Haswell-powered MacBook Air on our video rundown test: 12 hours, 51 minutes
  • Battery life increase since last year's model: 95.7 percent
  • Number of iOS devices sold so far: 600 million
  • Number of iOS devices sold since last year: 235 million
  • New voices recruited for Siri on iOS 7: 2
  • Per month price for ad-free iTunes Radio (through iTunes Match): $2.08
  • Per month price for ad-free Pandora: $3
  • Per month price for ad-free Spotify: $4.99
  • Number of iTunes accounts activated: 575 million
  • Xbox Live users (as of April 2013): 48 million
  • Years since the original Killer Instinct launched in 1994: 19

  • Mac computers assembled in the US, so far: 1
  • Number of GPU cores inside Apple's new Mac Pro: 12
  • Number of CPU cores inside Sony's PlayStation 4: 8
  • Launch platforms for the PlayStation's cloud gaming service: 3
  • E3 2013 attendees: 48,200 (approximately 2,500 more than 2012)
  • Number of Engadget E3 liveblogs this year: 4 (in one day!)
  • Number of "family members" you can share your Xbox Live account (and games) with: 10
  • Microsoft's Xbox One launch price: $499
  • Sony's PlayStation 4 launch price: $399
  • Price of the "low-end" PlayStation 3 at launch: $499
  • Price of the "high-end" Xbox 360 at launch: $399
  • The original Xbox's launch price: $299
  • The original Xbox's launch price, adjusted for 2013 prices: $393
  • Free games to be offered each month on Xbox Live (through the Xbox One launch): 2
  • Free games available on PS3 through PS Plus this month: 12
  • Due date for Nintendo's first free-to-play game: "by March 2014"
  • Wii U consoles sold so far: 3.5 million
  • New Wii U titles shown off during Nintendo's E3 presentation: 7

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