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Facebook update boosts privacy features to iOS app


Facebook has updated its iOS app, adding new status icons and new privacy features. The version 6.2 update follows updates made to the web version of Facebook, especially regarding the all-important privacy status. Now after a user has posted a status update, photo or a link, they can tap a drop-down arrow next to the update and change the privacy settings. Users can change the privacy settings for older posts as well.

Users can now select emoticons and other status icons while writing a status update. The emoticons are meant to be selected after a user has written a status update, with the intention that the emoticon will give that users friends a quick visual glance as to how that person is feeling.

Here's a complete rundown of all the changes made in Facebook 6.2:

• Add icons to status updates to show what you're feeling, reading, watching and more (English only).
• Easily change who can see something you've shared.
• Start a new conversation with photos you receive in messages.
• Bug fixes.

Facebook for iOS is a free download.

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