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Breakfast Topic: Do you PvP in patch 5.3?


For those of you who aren't aware, patch 5.3, which we're in right now on live servers, brought about some huge changes to PvP gear. Basically, the key stat you used to gear for in PvP, Resilience, was taken off gear and made baseline for everyone. There's now no real need for PvP gear to get started in PvP, you can just use your PvE gear. And sure, you won't hit as hard, PvP Power means that PvP gear is still stronger, but you can definitely get started.

So I'm wondering whether you have. Have these changes encouraged you to start PvP? Are you considering it now, where you weren't before? Have you tried at all? Or are you still adamant that you won't PvP? Maybe you don't enjoy PvP for some other reason, and nothing on earth would get you to try it. Maybe you dropped out of the Legendary just because of those two battlegrounds. Whatever your take on this, particularly in my position as WoW Insider's PvP writer, I'm really interested to hear if the patch 5.3 changes have had any impact at all on your PvP habits!

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