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Cloud Imperium reveals Star Citizen's 300i

Jef Reahard

You know what the best part of buying the new Origin Jumpworks 300i is? That new spaceship smell! Cloud Imperium games has taken the wraps off its latest Star Citizen spacecraft, and the beast is given the A-list treatment courtesy of a new in-character brochure and an in-engine video.

The reveal also coincides with Cloud Imperium's 300 series sale week, during which you can add a variant or two of the sleek new craft to your Star Citizen pledge hangar. Finally, there's a message from Chris Roberts, too.

"I sincerely hope you enjoy the 300i materials released today. Even if you choose not to add a 300 series spacecraft to your hangar you should enjoy the new materials and have a good idea of just how detailed Star Citizen is going to be!" Click past the cut to watch the trailer.

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