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Giant Katamari controller crafted from yoga ball, dreams

Jordan Mallory

Chris McInnis, Ron LeBlanc and Tom Gwozdz created this giant, extremely wonderful custom Katamari Damacy controller out of a yoga ball, a gutted DualShock 2, an Arduino microcontroller, some wood, a song in their hearts and the giant, cheshire-cat smiles on their assuredly happy little faces.

The controller was built as the centerpeice of a larger, Katamari Damacy-themed installation at London-based fringe festival Nuit Blanche, which allowed attendees to play the game via building-side projection – there was also custom artwork and some pretty fantastic costumes.

Chris, Ron, Tom, if you're listening, we only have one suggestion: Oculus Rift support. Eh? Eh? Think about it.

[Thanks, Kellbot!]

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