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Siri can learn how to pronounce your name in iOS 7


I've become a big Siri fan lately. After not quite getting the service when I first bought my iPhone, I've started using it to send a text without typing, grab quick driving directions and check the weather forecast. I just wish Siri loved me as much as I love her: Whenever she says my name, she always tells me, "Mike, scram!"

My name is actually pronounced as "Sh-," like "Shramm," but Siri's never asked otherwise. Fortunately, in iOS 7, that won't be the case. The latest version of Siri, currently in beta and arriving with the rest of the new iOS this fall, will allow you to tell Siri when she's mispronouncing something, and even correct her pronunciation, or choose from a few different options. A 9to5Mac reader spotted the feature in the beta, and you can see the interface above. It's currently possible to correct Siri's pronunciation with phonetic spelling, but this way seems much, much easier.

It'll be nice to have Siri call me by my name in the right way. This is just one of the new tricks she's picked up in iOS 7, too: Apple has also promised a clearer voice (that can be male if you so choose), more sources for content and new functions like returning calls for you, controlling the new iTunes Radio service and more. We can't wait to see and hear it.

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