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Ubisoft reads the internet, may bring The Division to PC

Jef Reahard

Ubisoft continues its coy dance with PC gamers regarding The Division, a new action MMO announced at E3. Initially the firm said that the title was coming to next-gen consoles. Shortly thereafter, Division developers implored interested PC gamers to make their voices heard, and they did via an internet petition that garnered over 100,000 signatures.

Now, in a video published on IGN, Ubisoft's Ryan Barnard says that "we're not ruling out other platforms because we do also read the internet. I think Ubisoft as a company considers maximizing the potential of a game, so if the audience is there and the desire is there..."

Curiously, IGN's video was recorded at E3 but held for publication until June 24th, so Barnard's comments indicate that Ubisoft was considering a PC version of The Division even before the aforementioned brouhaha.

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