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WoW Insider Round Table: Proving Grounds


This week, in episode five of the WoW Insider Round Table, the panelists are looking at Proving Grounds, one of the new features coming in patch 5.4. Dawn Moore, Matt Low, Kristin Marshall, Joe Perez and Olivia Grace discuss various elements of the new feature, from the basis of speculation as, at the time of recording, it is not yet accessible on the PTR.

We wonder exactly how it will play out on the PTR for healers, tanks and DPS and what the content will offer in the way of challenges, before moving on to discuss whether it will really be an effective training tool for healers and tanks. The panel largely agree that, for the initial learning stages, it will definitely serve as an excellent method to learn the basics of tanking and healing in a pressure-free environment. The team went on to discuss ways in which Proving Grounds could also be useful for more high-level skills for these specs, before discussing the use of them as a recruitment tool.

We hope you enjoyed this Round Table, and if you have questions or ideas you would like us to discuss in future let us know!

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