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RadioShack starts selling Virgin Mobile iPhone 5 tomorrow


Virgin Mobile announced a few days ago that it would soon begin carrying the iPhone 5 without the need for a two-year contract. As such, a 16 GB iPhone 5 can be had for US$549.99 while the 32 GB and 64 GB will retail for $649.99 and $749.99 respectively.

We are now seeing reports that the consumers looking to pick up a 16 GB iPhone 5 and sign up for Virgin Mobile's Beyond Talk plan will be able to pick up a device at Radio Shack starting tomorrow. What's more, the nationwide electronics retailer will reportedly be offering trade-in discounts for users with older devices.

MacRumors reports:

The entry-level 16GB iPhone 5 will retail for $549.99, and customers with an eligible trade-in can receive $50 off the purchase price before July 27. RadioShack is also offering new discounts for Virgin Mobile's iPhone 4 and 4S. The iPhone 4S retails for $400 while the iPhone 4 retails for $300.

RadioShack is introducing a $50 promotional discount on the older iPhones until July 6, which can be coupled with the $50 trade-in discount. That drops the price of a contract-free iPhone 4 to $200 with an eligible trade-in.

A monthly iPhone plan on Virgin Mobile is only $35/month, or $30 if users sign up for automatic monthly payments.

Interested users should be aware that while the cheap monthly plan offers full-speed data at both 3G and 4G, there is a 2.5 GB/month limit that, once reached, reduces data speeds down to 256Kbps for the rest of the monthly billing cycle.

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