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Airships arrive in SimCity

Jordan Mallory

The world's most whimsically impractical mode of transportation (read: airships) is now available to SimCity mayors willing to part with about $9. This means that Goodyear tire enthusiasts and steampunk aficionados alike can now bond even more deeply over their shared love of lighter-than-air travel, provided they've already bonded over their shared love of city-building games. Look, we're still working on this fanfic.

The Airships Set, available on Origin for $8.99, includes an "Airship Hanger" for receiving/removing tourists, a "Commuter Airship Mooring" for local metropolitan commuters, two hot air balloon parks and "Event blimps" that appear during sporting events and the like. The set also includes two achievements, neither of which involve declaring the relative humanity of something, at least as far as we know.

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