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Saints Row 4 'Low Violence' version pops up on Steam Australia


Volition's enforced rework of Saints Row 4 for Australia looks to be a "Low Violence" edition, at least according to the game's Steam page for the country. There are no details on what exact changes make the violence "Low" enough to satisfy the Aussie ratings' board, so we've reached out to publisher Deep Silver for clarification.

Last month, Saints Row 4 became the first game to be refused Australia's R18+ rating, which was introduced on January 1 - State of Decay soon became the second. An "alien anal probe," posited as a "visual depiction of implied sexual violence that is interactive," and the involvement of illicit drug use were cited as the two main reasons for the ban.

Deep Silver previously told us Volition is reworking the game's content for the country, so a Low Violence version makes sense in that regard. Whether it really makes sense when it comes to a game like Saints Row 4 is another matter.

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