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ArcheAge F2P today, adds houses and dungeon

MJ Guthrie

Last month we learned that ArcheAge was switching payment models in Korea and ditching subscriptions. And now that change has come to pass. If a subscription was all that was holding you back from playing the new sandbox, today's update heralding the transition to free-to-play marks your chance to dive in. If, however, you're stuck in the western world where the game hasn't been released yet, your wait continues.

This update didn't stop at just the move to F2P; reports that XLGAMES also introduced a new 10-man dungeon called Island of Eternity as well as new houses with underwater farms. Additionally, a new coin system has been implemented that will allow players to purchase potions to replenish labor points -- used in the game's non-combat activities -- up to three times a day. This last bit of news could be highly beneficial for the free players, since labor points will not naturally replenish unless an account is paid.

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