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Size Five's Gun Monkeys is a bananas deathmatch platformer


Ben There, Dan That dev Size Five has a new game on Steam, and like the British studio's previous efforts it's a bit unusual. Gun Monkeys is a multiplayer 2D platformer-shooter with, you guessed it, monkeys with guns.

Players duke it out in local or online 1v1 deathmatches across procedurally-generated levels, hunting for power-boosting cubes that raise their chances of obliterating the other primate. According to Size Five, it provides "short, sharp jabs of intense multiplayer combat," which sounds great, but honestly, you had us with "gun" and "monkeys," guys.

The simian shooter is a remake of the studio's 2006 effort Gibbage, and something of a smaller interim project to help raise funds for Size Five's next big thing. That would be The Swindle, which was first unveiled in 2011. Back then, Size Five's Dan Marshall billed The Swindle as a physics-based platformer that's like "Deus Ex meets Sonic the Hedgehog," a combination we can't believe Square Enix and Sega hasn't cooked up in the meantime.

Gun Monkeys is out and about now on Steam, priced at $9. On a side note, connoisseurs of UK funnies should recognize the game's narrator, Kevin Eldon, who's appeared in bit parts across just about every British comedy ever.

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