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New Nintendo eShop releases: Pilotwings, Mighty Switch Force sale


As a nation recovers from a fireworks-induced stupor, Nintendo gives us something else to celebrate: Pilotwings on the Wii U Virtual Console. Beyond that, the week pretty much belongs to the 3DS with even more Virtual Console Game Gear games – including Sonic Drift 2 – and several standalone eShop releases.

Also, if you haven't tried out the first Mighty Switch Force, now is the time to do it. Both the 3DS original and the Wii U's Hyper Drive Edition are on sale for $3.99 and $6.67, respectively, until 9am PT on July 11. Two other 3DS downloads, Order Up and Planet Crashers, will be discounted from 9am PT July 8 through 9am PT, July 22. You'll be able to grab either one for $4.99.

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