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Team Fortress 2's next update fixes exploits, adds fan-made maps


Valve's free-to-play shooter / hat-collecting sim Team Fortress 2 will get a bundle of fixes, tweaks, and improvements in its next update, along with two additional maps.

Promising "a list of patch notes longer than a stalemate on Hydro," the Team Fortress 2 team observes that the forthcoming patch will eliminate rooftop spawn-camping and sentry-jumping in the Badwater map, among numerous other fixes across existing levels. The update will also add a pair of Capture Point maps -- Process and Standin -- created by community member Ian Cuslidge.

"These maps were selected by the TF2 team in part for their straightforward and intuitive layouts, and in part because they were a hell of a lot of fun to play," the Team Fortress 2 team explains. "These CP maps were designed with little visual noise, were easy to understand and fun to navigate through."

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