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Halo 4 'Champions Bundle' DLC announced

Jordan Mallory

Three new DLC packs are headed to Halo 4 on August 20, available separately or in one big blob of stuff called a "Champions Bundle." Purchasing the DLC in bundle-form sweetens the pot through the addition of 18 in-game items "only available for a limited time exclusively through the bundle," according to the announcement.

The three new DLC packs include the "Bullseye Pack," which features two multiplayer maps, "sports-themed" armor and a new "Ricochet" game mode. The "Infinity Armor Pack" delivers "impressive and legendary new armor" of some sort while the "Steel Skin Pack" throws some "steampunk" all up on your weapons. Though, based on the trailer above, we're not sure if 343 Industries' definition of steampunk is quite the same as our own.

The entire bundle will be available for 800 MS Points, whereas the Bullseye Pack will run a la carte at 480 MS Points – the Infinity Armor/Steel Skin Packs will cost 240 MS Points when purchased separately.

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