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Jamsouls jumps from XBLIG to PC, pick it up and play with friends


Jamsouls, the 2D multiplayer arcade game previously launched on XBLIG, is out now on Windows via Desura. It's available for $2.39 on Desura, or $1 (80 MSP) on XBLIG.

Jamsouls comes from the development duo at Chromatic Dream. In May, co-founder Pierrick Cheminade told Joystiq the game was inspired by classic arcade titles Bomberman and Joust, and that each character featured a vivid personality.

"You can give a group of friends Jamsouls and within a few seconds they will be having lots of fun," Cheminade said. "The diversity of game modes we have included provide variety and ensure they continue playing for the rest of the evening."

Jamsouls is up for a bid on Steam Greenlight. We're hopeful for it there: Dreams do come true, even Chromatic ones.

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