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League of Legends video previews 3.9 patch

MJ Guthrie

As is wont to happen, patches bring change. And League of Legend's upcoming 3.9 patch is no different. In the latest video patch preview, Riot Games highlights some of those incoming alterations to the popular MOBA.

This time around Draven is the first in line for a nerf bat makeover. Deemed an unfair champion (thanks to his unmatched early game damage), the team toned Draven down by modifying his passive ability. Next up, LeBlanc is actually getting buffed up to improve her flexibility. And finally, Oracle's Elixer and wards are getting a few changes; kill gold for a ward will be split between the player that finds it as well as the one that kills it, and Oracle's Elixer will persist through death, but have a shortened duration and reveal radius. You can catch all the details in the video after the break.

[Source: Riot Games press release]

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