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Sega wants money from bankrupt THQ


Sega has filed a claim against bankrupt publisher THQ for $941,710.93, the amount the defunct company received in pre-orders (after Valve's cut) for Company of Heroes 2. Eurogamer reports payments totaling $508,877.85 were made after THQ filed for bankruptcy.

Sega isn't the only one checking the abandoned sofa that is THQ for lost change between the cushions. Double Fine, Codemasters and former THQ executives like Jason Kay and Jason Rubin are also looking for what they're owed. Sega may not get anything out of the deal, but the suit puts it in line with other creditors just in case there is a resolution of some kind.

Sega won developer Relic and the Company of Heroes intellectual property for $26.6 million as part of the THQ asset auction earlier this year.

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