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It came from the Blog: Midsummer Flamefest 2013 snapshots


Last month, It came from the Blog held its annual Flamefest, celebrating the Midsummer Fire Festival. Each year, we pick a continent and flame it. This year, we set the Eastern Kingdoms on fire.

First, we met in Brill, where the statue of the Dark Lady presides over all doings there. Then we went to the ruins of Lordaeron and took the portal to Silvermoon City. We rode through town, out the front gate and over to the fire outside Falconwing Square. After that, we headed to Tranquillien in the Ghostlands to honor the flame there.

We took the flightpath back to the city, ran to the portal, returned to the ruins and then headed to Silverpine Forest. Once there, we traveled to the Sepulcher where we again honored the flame and spun around in circles. Then off to Tarren Mill we went, passing inconspicuous bears as we went.

Then we were off to Arathi Highlands where we desecrated the Alliance flame at Refuge Point and then honored the Horde flame at Hammerfall. At this time, we abandoned the lowbies who did not have the flightpaths for the remaining flames, thus ending the first part of the event.

We then took flightpaths to the remaining Horde flames in the Eastern Kingdoms, ending right outside of Booty Bay, where we also desecrated the Alliance fire. As usual, there was much staying on the road, protecting the lowbies, a little bit of death (when we failed at protecting the lowbies), and then flying our bats in formation.

The snapshots are below. The announcement for this month's event will be coming soon.

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