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Candy Crush updates with new power-up, episodes. Still no counseling feature.


Warn your family; say goodbye to your coworkers; and contact your support system. Candy Crush has been updated with two new episodes of sticky exploding candy goodness. Take a trip up Pudding Pagoda to see if you can clear all the rows. Once you're done, head to Licorice Tower and ask yourself why they haven't figured out a Red Vines power-up yet. Inquiring minds want to know. The new episodes bring the total number of levels in the game to 395, so seriously, your boss should understand all your extra lunch breaks.

In addition, Crushers have been given a new weapon in the war against the high fructose horde, the Cake Bomb Blocker, which clears the entire game board. There is still no power up that offers counseling services for Candy Crush addicts. Keep your fingers crossed for the next update.

The update also makes Candy Crush's plans for world domination clear with the addition of new supported languages. Speakers of Czech, Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak and Polish must not warn their family of the upcoming Crush. Candy was coming, and now it is here.

You can find Candy Crush 1.15.0 in the app store now. God help your souls.

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