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Retro JRPG Soul Saga ends Kickstarter at over triple its goal


The Kickstarter for Soul Saga closed at more than triple its $60,000 goal. The PSOne-style JRPG proved it had a crowdfund hook with 5,600-plus backers who raised nearly $200,000. Once developer Disastercake finishes its victory fanfare, the Seattle-based dev will get hard to work bringing the Final Fantasy and Suikoden-inspired game to PS4, Wii U, Vita, PC, Mac, and Linux, where it's due in around a year's time.

The triple-attack on funding saw plenty of stretch goals met, meaning Soul Saga will include voice acting, a job board, legendary weapons, airships and airship combat, and plenty of guild features. While the fundraiser fell just short of the $200,000 goal for the Garen's Saga content, in which antagonist Garen will be playable in a similar way to Fou-lu from Breath of Fire 4, Disastercake decided it'll be included in the game anyway - and that comes with a Garen-tee*

*no t-shirt sorry just a bad pun move along nothing to see here

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