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Bonus loot coming to WoW TCG's Reign of Fire expansion


The third set in the WoW: TCG Timewalkers block, Reign of Fire, is due for release on Tuesday, July 23rd and even if you aren't a regular WoW:TCG buyer, you may want to reconsider this one. That's because according to this post by Mike Rosenberg, any and all Loot Cards from each of the twenty previous expansions will be available in Reign of Fire. In addition, the odds that one will appear have been increased to 1:9 from the normal 1:11. There will thus be four Loot Cards per box, and four rare Loot Cards per case. That being said, the previous designations of common, uncommon, or rare, don't necessarily indicate their frequency of appearance in Reign of Fire, so be warned!

The rarest of all additions to the new expansion, however, are the so-called God Packs. These are entire packs featuring nothing but loot cards. That's right--an entire pack of WoW:TCG loot cards. I'm certain this will make numerous collectors very happy, however be warned! The God Packs are extraordinarily rare. Simply getting one is a feat in and of itself!

Finally, Reign of Fire has included crafting cards in the booster packs themselves. Normally, you need to collect crafting materials and send them into Cryptozooic to earn yourself a crafting card--not necessarily so in this latest expansion. According to the blog post, most boxes should contain at least one of seven crafting cards: Ancient Amber, Extinct Turtle Shell, Pterrordax Hatchling, Cameo of Terrible Memories, Necklace of Black Dragon's Teeth, Opal of the Secret Order, and Threadlinked Chain.

If you've ever desperately craved that Spectral Tiger or Path of Illidan, now you have a better chance of finding them than ever. Good luck, and happy Loot Card hunting!

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